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Historical Overview

Statoil, founded in 1972, is a Norwegian state-owned oil company. The company’s object is, either by itself or through participation in or together with other companies, to carry out exploration, production, transportation, refining and marketing of petroleum and petroleum-derived products, as well as other business. Statoil is the leading player on the Norwegian continental shelf, and has undertaken a gradual expansion of its international upstream operations in recent years. The group is one of the world’s largest net sellers of crude oil, and a substantial supplier of natural gas to Europe. Statoil ranks as the biggest retailer of petrol and other oil products in Scandinavia.

MGSC executives were tasked with assessing and subsequent management of the Company’s off shore oil drilling and sea transportation crisis preparedness.


M Group executives conducted a full vulnerabilities assessment of the standard communications procedures in place and current action plan by hosting “live-fire” drills. Following the results of the assessment, a complete preparedness plan was developed and put into place through the delivery of a “Red Book.”

The plan included detailed designation of all communications procedures, collateral material development, identified spokespersons and crisis teams, each individual’s roles for internal and external action plans, including customer, employee, community, government, shareholder and media outreach.

Post “Red Book” delivery, communications continually held “live-fire” drills until operations were completely comfortable with response times.