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      • Develop and execute a marcomm strategy for Star Atlas during the course of our engagement focusing on a combination of top tier media opportunities and community development capping off with a community event, called 426 Live, where several key promotional initiatives and the launch of the accompanying Star Atlas DAO was scheduled to be announced.


      • Initiate multiple PR campaigns in multiple geographies with initial virtual media tours for top executives with top-tier media, communicating the company’s core messaging across business lines.
      • Develop thought leadership campaigns, establishing executives in each country as thought leaders in order to comment on key industry issues in their respective markets via print, broadcast and digital media.
      • Create and source an effective news bureau in each of the core countries of focus to drive awareness.


  • Over the course of the engagement, we secured coverage both in a variety of top tier publications around thought leadership and game reviews, in addition to extensive crypto and gaming trade coverage totaling ~756 pieces of coverage secured during the course of the engagement
  • Played a key role in the promotion of the 426 Live event which announced the launch of the game on the Epic Gamestore, a custom PC from iBUYPOWER, and the launch of the Star Atlas DAO
    • Secured the attendance of multiple trade reporters and a top tier reporter to attend the event an announcement live with the majority of trade media attendees covering the accompanying event
    • Conducted extensive media relations outreach to ensure more than 500 top targets and media contacts were aware of the event and accompanying announcements
  • Secured review coverage of the game in a top tier business and finance publication, Insider
    • Hosted remote interviews with Star Atlas executives and helped the reporter get set up to review the game accordingly
    • Also pushed to highlight the strength of the community in the story and the willingness to be long term believers in the ecosystem and game universe
  • Secured 1,592 original articles across global media over the course of a one-year engagement
  • Elevated the profile of CEO, Michael Wagener, resulting in him becoming a “go-to expert” blockchain gaming expert for top tier outlets like TechCrunch
  • Conducted 637 executive interviews virtually over the course of the engagement.
  • Under our stewardship over the one-year period, Star Atlas
    • Launched its first playable demo on the Epic Games Store
    • Announced and completed ~20 community development initiatives
    • Secured speaking opportunity at GDC 2022 – the premier gaming conference in the US