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  • Develop a comprehensive communications initiative geared towards creators, consumers, and business executives to enhance awareness of Solana Games offerings, solidifying Solana as the blockchain of choice for web3 development.


  • Leverage key partnerships with web2 companies as a launching point into mainstream gaming publications, working to change the skeptical nature many traditional gaming reporters and outlets currently have towards the future of web3 gaming.
  • Formalize PlayGG, Solana Games’ flagship event, as the top conference for web3 games, bringing together a variety of journalists and exposing them to top projects within the web3 games ecosystem.
  • Spotlight successful projects within the Solana Games ecosystem to both show that web3 games built properly can excel in the current market, and provide partners with communications efforts, enhancing the partner relations.
  • Create campaigns around Solana Games financing, data-driven updates, and narrative generation to fill gaps between major announcements, ensuring the Solana Games has a consistent cadence of external output.
  • Develop targeted press events & media outreach campaigns around key gaming and web3 events, securing keynote and panel opportunities for Solana Games General Manager, Johnny Lee, and other key team members.
  • Prioritize proactive media commentary on industry conversations relevant to the business.


    • Developed strong, long-lasting relationships with reporters at Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Fortune, VentureBeat, Decrypt GG, The Verge, CNET, IGN, GamesRadar+, and dozens more on behalf of Solana Games spokespeople.
    • Consistently secured top tier commentary opportunities on industry news and web3 gaming market trends for key spokespeople.
    • After developing relationships with key publications within the media, worked secure a series of feature pieces around Solana Games to further amplify the business’s foundation and outlook.
    • Secured press attendance at PlayGG and arranged on-site 1×1 media briefings between Solana Games spokespeople and top tier reporters at the conference.
    • Pitched and secured a video series with Johnny Lee and Decrypt GG’s Kate Irwin at the launch of the new Decrypt publication, ensuring Johnny was at the forefront of discussing key updates in the web3 gaming industry.