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Our Approach

In our view, corporate communications is more than simply managing perceptions and influencing audiences. It is an engine, that when factoring a multi-disciplined and integrated approach to messaging, targeting, strategic programming and tactical implementation (on corporate, executive and product levels), can positively drive sales and profitability, as well as the overall investment proposition of a corporate entity.

We don’t see our objectives as affecting a brand change, launching a product, securing equity research or attracting long-term institutional shareholders. Instead we understand our client’s short and long-term business strategies, and build communications programs that support those strategies to drive business development and maximize enterprise/shareholder value.

Corporate entities are not only judged on the basis of their products and services, but also on the executive teams who run them. To be experts in your field, driving it forward through issue advocacy and advancing the sector as a whole through expert commentary, is critically important in today’s global, 24-hour news cycle. As such, thought leadership programs are at the core of almost every communications strategy developed by M Group personnel. It is, without question, programming that sets us apart from the rest.

Our firm and our network of communications professionals brings together some of the best and brightest practitioners from the agency world; each with a specific expertise designed to complement the whole, and most with over 20 years of experience working to build corporate, product and executive brand equity. Our team brings tenured relationships with a global network of top-tier business/financial, consumer and vertical industry trade press, regulatory officials, association heads and conference organizers, institutional investors, analysts and bankers, among other influencers.

Through strategic planning and flawless, aggressive execution, we help to propel our clients to a leadership positions within their respective industries.