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MG | Emergence

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought tectonic shifts in consumer, corporate and government behavior. Globalization is being questioned, and both political and social pressures mount on industry sectors while businesses are looking to define and adapt to the new landscape. These shifts pose significant operational challenges to the corporate enterprise, and feed into market expectations and investor sentiment.

Due to these and other factors, M Group designed MG | Emergence to address the current crisis communications landscape and generate programming initiatives in support of corporate reentry.  The platform offers businesses market intelligence, strategic counsel and tactical execution of communications strategies designed to navigate the post-pandemic environment.

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MG | Emergence considers core factors critical to the financial health of a business and addresses considerations such as:

Mission, vision, values

Forward thinking companies are accelerating a trend toward expanding their focus beyond products and shareholders to include communities and employees. Along with this trend, there will most certainly be increased public and regulatory scrutiny over the workforce, executive compensation, stock buybacks, government bailouts, etc. These factors have management teams reassessing their messaging to the marketplace, and thinking more about how thought leadership and corporate positioning play a role in a post-pandemic world.

Audience behavior

The pandemic has jolted people out of their routines, potentially revolutionized the workplace, and has many reassessing the ubiquity of business travel. Additionally, volatility in financial markets has skyrocketed as governments across the globe are trying to find solutions. These changes and more, will have a substantial impact on audience behavior as we climb out of Covid-19. With the variations we are currently seeing, wholesale adjustments to marketing and communications initiatives are necessary for programs to positively impact the bottom line.

Investor sentiment

The black swan event no one wanted to see has come and the institutional landscape is changing. As a result, risk profiles are being recalculated and companies are being modeled through a variation of the traditional investor lens. These variations include more scrutiny on operational efficiencies and a stronger view on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Adjusting investor relations programming designed to appeal to the right long-term, growth oriented investor is critical in the new economic environment.

Regulatory environment

Governments have taken unprecedented steps to fight the virus and bolster their economies. Global policy makers have opened their purses and pumped trillions into the US economy, with additional aid packages on the horizon. After a deregulation spree that significantly bolstered the market in recent years, the post-pandemic world could easily see a new wave of regulation. Having your voice heard by the government has never been as important to the corporate enterprise.  

Technological infrastructure

Social distancing is having a profound effect on the way organizations communicate. Whether that communication is targeted towards current or potential customers, investors, partners, supplier or vendors, the mode of message delivery is transforming. Additionally, medium to large scale events, conferences, and trade shows are essentially on hold for the foreseeable future. Integrating sophisticated digital, social, and virtual strategies are necessary to stand above the competition in the new paradigm.  

Thought leadership

As the road ahead for our economy becomes clear, voices of leadership will be necessary. Shaping the discussion on emergence through thought leadership is critical, and like no other time in recent history there will be opportunities to advance entire industries. Those executives manning forward thinking organizations will see the opportunity and fill the void with guidance and direction, positioning not only themselves but their businesses as leaders for years to come.