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  • Develop the media presence of Magic Eden and its leadership team in global top-tier business, crypto, finance, and culture publications to increase brand visibility and cut into an industry share of voice heavily dominated by a competitor.


  • Initiate a thought leadership campaign focused on co-founders Jack Lu (CEO) and Zhuoxun Yin (COO), with supplemental amplification of Sidney Zhang (CTO), Zhoujie Zhou (Chief Engineer), and Tiffany Huang (CMO).
  • Leverage the company’s Series B announcement as a media relations launch point, conducting meetings with top reporters across all media verticals, establishing relationships for all announcements moving forward.
  • Create a consistent calendar announcements highlighting the growth of the Magic Eden marketplace and partnerships covering both the web2 and web3 landscape.
  • Develop targeted press events & media outreach campaigns around key crypto events.
  • Prioritize proactive media commentary on industry conversations relevant to the business.


  • From the beginning of the engagement in May 2022 through current day we have increased Magic Eden visibility within the media by 315% when comparing to the months prior to the engagement start
    • Developed strong, long-lasting relationships with reporters at Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Forbes, The Information, Axios, and dozens of others on behalf of Magic Eden spokespeople
  • Consistently secured top tier commentary opportunities on industry news and NFT market trends for key spokespeople
  • After developing relationships with key publications within the media, worked secure a series of feature pieces around Magic Eden to further amplify the business’s foundation and outlook.
    • Secured standalone features with Forbes Australia, The Information, and Insider
  • Arranged on-site 1×1 media briefings between Magic Eden spokespeople and top tier reporters attending major industry events, including Solana Breakpoint
  • Coordinated an in-depth research report on Magic Eden with The Block Research to showcase the strong underlying business and differentiate Magic Eden from other competitors in the space
  • Secured press attendance at Magic Eden events in North America and Europe to continually establish press relationships