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New York – April 23, 2020 – M Group Strategic Communications (“M Group” or “MGSC”) today announced the launch of MG | Emergence, an integrated communications offering which provides corporate entities with strategic programming for short-term recovery and long-term sustainable growth following the pandemic. 

“We are in the midst of unprecedented economic times,” said Jay A. Morakis, Founder & CEO of M Group Strategic Communications. “While the true economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has yet to be realized, what is becoming increasingly clear are the tectonic shifts taking place in corporate, consumer and government behavior. Globalization is being questioned, political and social pressures are mounting, and businesses are looking to define and adapt to the new landscape. This corporate repositioning will impact how entire industries operate going forward. As a result, audiences need to be re-examined, messaging needs to be rethought and communications channels reconsidered. We developed MG | Emergence to help guide corporates through this process.” 

Designed to address the current crisis landscape and generate programming initiatives in support of corporate re-entry, MG | Emergence offers market intelligence, strategic counsel and tactical execution of communications strategies to navigate the post-pandemic environment. M Group’s approach considers core factors critical to the financial health of a business and addresses considerations such as:

  • Mission, vision, values: Corporate and executive messaging reassessment for post-pandemic economic factors; development for the short, medium, and long-term.
  • Audience behavior: Variations in audience behavior and adjustments to marcomm initiatives to better resonate in the new landscape.
  • Investor sentiment: Investor relations factoring adjusted risk profiles and an increased scrutiny on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.
  • Regulatory environment: Public affairs programming designed to lead the discussion on regulation with government officials.
  • Technological infrastructure: Sophisticated marcomm strategies designed for the new communications paradigm: social, digital and virtual integration.
  • Thought leadership: Initiatives designed to drive the conversation on global macroeconomic trends as well as specific industry sector issues.

The M Group team brings Fortune 500 programming experience and subject matter expertise to organizations specializing in institutional finance, global trading markets, digital assets, various technology verticals, the energy sector and the insurance marketplace. Additionally, the firm’s expertise working with multi-national corporates in financial markets across the globe enables MGSC to offer real-time, localized intelligence that informs that agency’s strategic counsel and program development.

Morakis added, “Recent weeks have shown us that a virtual world is not only viable, but in some cases preferred. While certain corporates are moving toward minimizing their physical footprint to reduce G&A expenses, others are completely altering their sales and marketing strategies as in-person events are essentially on hold for the foreseeable future. As the business climate shifts, corporates need to think about adapting operations as well as altering their communications practices. With MG | Emergence, we are taking a nuanced, integrated approach to the corporate communications paradigm. This approach is designed to support business continuity and prepare corporates to emerge from the wake of this crisis in a position of strength.”

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