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New offering to provide clients with real-time industry intelligence and influencer engagement across global media channels

NEW YORK, NY MARCH 18, 2015 – M Group Strategic Communications (“M Group”) today announced that it has released its proprietary Integrated Issues Management Platform (MG_IIM). MG_IIM provides M Group with the ability to track developing issues, target industry influencers, and effect grass-roots change for its clients by engaging a comprehensive suite of traditional, social and digital media channels.

M Group clients gain a competitive advantage and lead their respective industry sectors through market and regulatory intelligence, as well as corporate and 3rd party advocacy. MG_IIM is a critical communications tool, through which thought leadership, corporate reputation and credibility are delivered to hyper-targeted audiences. MG_IIM consists of three offerings:

  • Global Media Tracking and Response
  • Social Issues Management System
  • Intelligence Reporting and Trend Analysis 

The Global Media Tracking and Response (GMTR) system utilizes advanced algorithms to identify and track industry issues, sector events, competitive movements and regulatory initiatives, all in real-time. It is completely customizable for each client and allows M Group’s issues management team to develop, recommend and initiate event-driven response scenarios, as well as to position first-mover thought leadership with respect to emerging trends. 

M Group’s Social Issues Management System (SIMS) tracks industry and investor issues, identifies key influencers, and effects change by engaging one-on-one thought leadership through a comprehensive social media suite. SIMS is the first line of defense for corporate issues management, as it enables 3rd party advocacy for M Group’s clients through online grassroots mobilization.

Jay A. Morakis, Managing Partner, M Group Strategic Communications, commented, “The corporate issues management process lies at the core of our strategic business communications philosophy. The launch of our Integrated Issues Management Platform enhances M Group’s services in this area, allowing us to provide even more consistent, thorough, and up-to-date management of issues that have the ability to impact our clients’ operations. We are excited to offer GMTR and SIMS as platforms from which to engage influencers and establish thought leadership across the global media landscape.”

M Group’s on-demand Intelligence Reporting and Trend Analysis (IRTA) informs clients on pertinent issues through proprietary research on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. IRTA provides intelligence beyond issue identification and tracking, as M Group’s issues management team provides tangible information, quantifiable statistics, and reliable trend analysis to clients. 

Mr. Morakis continued, “IRTA completes our comprehensive suite of issues management services. All three aspects of our integrated platform enhance M Group’s ability to position clients at the forefront of today’s ever-evolving global marketplace. Keeping abreast, in real-time, of issues that can impact our clients’ businesses is essential in today’s 24-hour news cycle. MG_IIM provides our seasoned issues management team with an advanced tool to engage influencers, recruit advocates and effect real change.”

For more information, please visit the company website at http://www.mgroupsc.com


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