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Global Reach

Today’s business and financial landscape is truly a global one. In our interconnected markets, one small move in a single commodity, currency, stock price or key interest rate can create a ripple effect and therefore significant impacts across the entire global financial system. Additionally, corporates no longer operate in regional vacuums. They look to leverage new markets for investments, sales, business development, manufacturing, and for a slew of other important reasons.

Communicating in this global environment can be challenging without boots on the ground who are experts in the local markets. Having an intimate understanding of the environment as well as relationships with key influencers such as the media, the buy-side and the sell-side, regulatory authorities, associations and more, are all of critical importance.

MGSC understands this and has built a partner network of agencies that act as one team with offices in almost every major financial center across the globe. Our partnership with Ballou PR means that our clients are served by some of the best and most skilled PR practitioners in Europe, and with Market Eye means they are served the same in the Australia. As for South America, our team in Argentina handles Chile and Uruguay, and for the APAC region our team in Singapore is run by some of the brightest financial minds in the region.