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Generali Group

Historical Overview

Generali Group is one of the world’s largest insurers, with innovative product offerings and significant geographical diversification. In almost 200 years, the company has built a multinational group that is present in more than 60 countries, with 420 companies, nearly 74,000 employees and holds assets in excess of $600 Billion USD.

In recent years Generali has been through a major strategic reorganization allowing them to bring in greater focus on their core business, greater discipline in the management of their assets, and simpler, more transparent governance. This process has led us into a new phase, based on more efficient business models, innovative commercial strategies, and a stronger, more global brand.

M Group Strategic Communications (MGSC), through an RFP process, was engaged to handle strategic communications for all of Generali’s U.S. business lines. Part of the engagement was to conduct a phased, multi-year rebranding of Generali’s Europe Assistance USA business lines to Generali Global Assistance.

Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance runs multiple business lines in the U.S., including identity protection, travel insurance, travel assistance and beneficiary companion services, each with different operations and in some cases established brands in their respective market. As per the business strategy, MGSC took a phased approach to rebranding, beginning with the Identity Protection unit (IDP).

Identity Protection

MGSC’s strategy was to rebrand via media attention, but then on the heels of that rebrand, launch IDP’s new online platform to reinvigorate the marketplace and to leverage the launch in such a way as to reinforce the Generali Global Assistance brand. IDP’s platform, clearly an industry leader, had very little, if any, associated media relations as much of its business was conducted on a white label basis. The platform launch was very successful in that it generated significant media attention and set the stage for a phase II.

Post IDP’s rebrand from Europ Assistance USA to Generali Global Assistance, or Phase II, MGSC initiated a proactive strategic communications program for the IDP business. Key to the program was to highlight the IDP unit President & COO’s industry expertise…. to provide her with a platform from which to educate industries and to advocate of behalf of the need for stronger monitoring, security and resolution measures. Additionally, the program consists of corporate media relations for the business, product publicity and crisis preparedness planning. This work is ongoing, but to date the President & COO is widely considered to be a leading expert on identity theft issues.

Travel Insurance

Following on the phased rebrand strategy, MGSC took on CSA travel insurance as the next line to fall under Generali Global Assistance. CSA Travel insurance is a very well recognized brand to certain sectors of the insurance industry, providing travel insurance plans to consumers through B-to-B partners, and is the leader in vacation rental insurance by a wide margin.

However, what we found was that although CSA travel insurance products were well known in certain circles, there was very little, if any, corporate communications and executive thought leadership. While the travel insurance industry is singularly based on providing financial assistance during unforeseen events, it is beginning to move towards a more customer-centric approach, valuing transparency and education. MGSC’s strategy during and post the initial CSA rebrand was not only to generate awareness of insurance plans and the business as a whole, but also to educate the marketplace on what has historically been a misunderstood industry.

We spearheaded this effort through the company’s CEO, Chris Carnicelli, providing the media with corporate and industry content on a regular basis, and then multiplying those efforts through the digital medium. This effort is ongoing.