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  • Position the company as a key player for both a traditional finance and digital asset audience, leading back to Elwood’s core business proposition.
  • As Elwood was initially founded by Alan Howard, the team was tasked with reformatting Elwood to a standalone brand, not tied to Alan’s history with the company, but rather a growing company under the leadership of CEO James Stickland.


  • Use Elwood’s Goldman Sachs backing as a leverage point to position Elwood within top-tier business and finance publications, elaborate on digital asset capabilities targeted to an institutional audience.
  • Leverage the company’s Series A announcement as a media relations launching point, conducting meetings with top reporters across all media verticals, and establish relationships for all announcements moving forward.
  • Develop CEO James Stickland as an industry thought leader by amplifying his voice through broadcast, print, and podcast verticals.
  • Seek out opportunities to directly connect with an institutional audience via events, webinars, and bylines.


  • On the day of the announcement, the team secured two exclusives: one with a traditional finance publication (Financial Times) and one with a top-tier crypto trade publication (The Block) to provide in-depth insights into the Series A news for both core audiences of both Elwood business verticals.
      • The team secured pre-embargo interviews for CEO James Sticklandwith Josh Oliver of the Financial Times and Ryan Weeks of The Block
      • Additional coverage of the announcement was pre-seeded with publications, including TechCrunch, Axios, Fortune,TheTrade, Blockworks, Traders Magazine, Yahoo Finance, CoinDesk, and dozens of others.
      • In total, the announcement resulted in 60+ day of articles around Elwood’s Series A
  • The team amplified editorial coverage with broadcast appearances for James on Yahoo Finance and CNBC during the day of the announcement, and an appearance on Bloomberg TV two days after the news broke.
      • Each appearance focused on Elwood’s business model, how the raise from traditional finance institutions solidifies the legitimacy of the digital asset market, and the outlook of the business
  • With the Series A announcement as the launching point of our engagement, we were able to establish dozens of media relationships on behalf of Elwood that have been maintained and leveraged for additional announcements over the course of 2022 and into 2023.