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  • Despite being in a company-wide “quiet period” as dYdX deployed all resources towards the development of the protocol’s V4 set to launch in early 2023, the news cycle suddenly turned during FTX’s collapse, opening the door for spokespeople – particularly in the DeFi space – to share key insights in the future of the industry.


  • Position dYdX CEO Antonio Juliano as a leading spokesperson on the impact of FTX’s fallout, primarily from a DeFi perspective and how decentralized exchanges are uniquely positioned to earn the trust of crypto traders amidst market uncertainty.
  • Target broadcast appearances on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, CNN International, FinTech TV, etc.
  • Target top tier business and trade publications to share Antonio’s thoughts on the state of the industry and where crypto investors can trade with confidence.
  • Avoid sharing any strong opinions on what happened behind the scenes at FTX – but rather focus on what it means for the industry moving forward and the role dYdX will play in the short and long term
  • Lock in podcast opportunities for longer form breakdowns of decentralized exchanges, specifically with crypto native podcasts to reach the correct audience on a more technical level.


  • Over the course of the roughly 14-day news cycle, the team aggressively pitched Antonio talking points (derived from Antonio’s Twitter, an internal podcast recording, and PR bullet points) to all top-tier business and trade publications who were actively covering the fall out of FTX’s collapse.
      • Secured multiple broadcast opportunities, including Bloomberg Tech and Bloomberg Crypto
      • Secured interviews with Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Barron’s, The Information, and Financial Times, among others
      • Secured two podcast appearances with Blockworks’ 0xresearch and Crypto 101
      • Additional interest from outlets including ForkastNews, Financial Advisor Magazine, CoinDesk, and The Block was secured through talking point pitching
  • Throughout the interview process, Antonio worked in opportunities to discuss upcoming dYdXinitiatives, laying the foundation for relationships that will be leveraged down the road.
  • Due to Antonio’s strong Bloomberg TV appearances and polished talking points, the outlet considers him a go-to spokesperson on all things decentralized finance moving forward and the team has tentatively scheduled a full Bloomberg editorial staff meeting at the Bloomberg NY offices for early 2023 to discuss dYdX’sV4 project roadmap.