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Crisis and Issues Management

During a corporate crisis, your most valuable assets – reputation, brand equity, market share and stakeholder confidence – not only come under fire, but if managed improperly can threaten the very future of your company. M Group’s crisis and issues management team has helped clients through high-stakes litigation, activist shareholder takeover bids, product recalls, government agency intervention, environmental activism, and general corporate and financial issues. It is our long-standing expertise as trusted crisis counselors that sets M Group apart.

Our team understands the importance of reaction time in today’s fast-paced digital world and of communicating with all stakeholders groups. We develop smart messaging, control the larger media debate and activate a consistent flow of influencer communications to manage the situation. Our team also has a particular expertise in developing crisis preparedness plans on a global scale.

We work with our clients to assess vulnerabilities, forecast and anticipate issues, prepare for and manage any potential crisis, and just to at a minute’s notice to keep corporate reputation intact.