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  • Expand ADAM presence inside DC and beyond the beltway increase advocacy and exposure in broadcast media both domestically and internationally to strengthen the case to appropriate industry regulation


  • Two-pronged approach to increase ADAM’s exposure to both elected officials/regulators and to media:
    • Expand ADAM’s reach on Capital Hill through briefings with elected officials and regulators
    • Package CEO Michelle Bond as the primary spokesperson for ADAM
    • Monitor legislative and regulatory news for thought leadership opportunities for ADAM
    • Develop targeted press events & media outreach campaigns around key crypto conferences/events.


  • Introduced the ADAM team to key members of the House and Senate Agricultural, Commerce and Financial Services Committees
  • Conducted briefs with regulators across a number of cabinet-level and subcabinet-level departments, including Treasury, Commerce, SEC and CFTC.
  • Developed strong relationships between reporters at key publications including Politico, Fox Business, WSJ, Bloomberg and The Hill and ADAM staff
  • Increased Michelle Bond’s broadcast profile with appearances on CNBC, Cheddar, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Fox Business News
  • Thought leadership on numerous issues from regulation to legislation of digital assets inside The Beltway with Politico, Congressional Quarterly, Roll Call,The Hill and The Washington Post