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About Us

M Group Strategic Communications is a corporate public relations and integrated communications agency. Headquartered in downtown Manhattan with 10 affiliate offices in six countries, our agency provides clients with an integrated approach to strategic public relations, investor relations, social media, marketing, public affairs, and crisis communications.

Our programs, irrespective of the services provided are based on three overriding principles — the use of communications as a “tool” to: 

  • generate awareness and credibility
  • drive business development and investments
  • maximize long-term shareholder/enterprise value

Our firm and our network of communications professionals brings together some of the best and brightest practitioners from the agency world; each with a specific expertise designed to complement the whole, and most with over 20 years’ experience working to build corporate, product and executive brand equity.  Our team brings tenured relationships with a global network of top-tier business/financial, consumer and vertical industry trade press, regulatory officials, association heads and conference organizers, investors, analysts and bankers, among other influencers; relationships we leverage to their fullest extent for our clients.